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25 thoughts on “25 Most Expensive Yachts Ever Built”

  1. Laughing at all the self-righteous comments, about how they’d use this
    money to “save the world”. News flash: It’s THEIR money, and other people
    aren’t entitled to any of it.

  2. And yet there are children who doesn’t have enough food to eat, the world
    is not a fair place…

  3. 3:20 Media mongol? I’m not sure he is a mongul, or did you mean to say

  4. So many ghetto people in the comment section playing the victim card. Grow
    the fuck up.

  5. Paloris and Topaz are the most beautiful. Eclipse and Azzam is just too
    big. lol

  6. Shit i bought a battleship yesterday maybe i should’ve bought a yacht like

  7. Now these are the guys who ISIS should be offing, considering most of them
    are Muslim and I don’t think the Koran had yachts in mind when it comes to
    places to pray five times a day.
    Oh and don’t worry ,Putin has a plan for the Russian ones , like a change
    in ownership.

  8. Relax people. If I were a multibillionaire, I’d have one of these sweet
    boats too. After all, I have tens of billions. More than enough to go

  9. A lot of the pictures do not match with what he is saying..

    For #22 “Annaliesse” that was a picture of “Oasis”
    For #11 “Seven Seas” that was a picture of “Alfa Nero”
    For #9 “Lady Moura” that was a picture of “Floridian”

    This list is also far from accurate… Meteor is nowhere near the top 25
    most expensive boats.

    Yacht “A” is most definitely not designed to cut through ice bergs..
    *facepalm*. An iceberg would slice a hull like that open like can opener.

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