79 Year Old In Sailing World Cup

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79-year-old Harold Medd competed in the last round of Sailing World Cup and become the oldest competitor in the championship for the year 2016.

Medd now living in Black Rock had a big passion for yachting and sailing. But, sea shore was too far from the place where he used to live. Now, when he got the chance, his age could not resist him from sailing in the championship. Medd says I was 30 years old when I came to Edinburgh, then after I started sailing. Now, I have to cover those times as well that I lost.

Medd secured the 13th potion in the all-age Sabre event comprises of 29 competitors; he was very pleased with his performance. He said “I know I am too old to compete with 20 or 40 years sailors, but I keep trying sailing in events as it gives me motivation and it all for fun. Moreover, it is the sport that has kept me fit and youthful.”

“It is saying that sport prolongs your age, the example of a statement is me. As far as sailing is concerned, then it is very technical and physical and thus I enjoy it very much.”

Mr. Medd is not an occasional sailor; instead he and some his friends of the Black Rock club with sailing enjoy water every weekend. They do some race competitions here and make fun. Amid his fulfilling the passion of sailing, Medd also work as an industrial engineer.

Wife of Medd says Medd is always in love with boats and the couple brought their first boat when their three boys were children. Sailing is kind relaxation for Medd.

When you have a passion for doing something no one can stop you doing it, even it is your age. Medd passion for sailing is a live example of that.