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East Lothian Yacht Club is hosting the UK National Championships in which over 200 boats have made an entry into the championships. The boats will run from 7th to 12th of August with competitors who would travel from across the UK to North Berwick. The commodore of the club Robbie Lawson said that the club is privileged for hosting such a great event.

He also said that it is the premier event of the UK with more than 200 junior competitors taking part. The families of the competitors would also be there in North Berwick to cheer them. The topper class will be the ground for training for several future Olympians. The event is being organized with a lot of effort put in by the volunteers of the local club in addition to committed families in and around the country.

The commodore is hopeful that the East Lothian’s sailing waters would offer a challenging task to find a deserving champion, and win someone the star prize of a week’s Scottish Yacht Charter. There would be 3 fleets that include Topper sails measuring 5.3 and 4.2, and a Regatta fleet as well. The Regatta fleet offers a great opportunity for those with less experience as a Topper sailor to take part in this event.

The Regatta fleet is the ideal fleet for the first event to participate as the days are shorter when compared to the main fleets. There are breaks onshore given to participants and daily briefings are given to support them. The East Lothian Yacht club is inspiring many club members to take part and also providing free hiring of club Toppers.

In addition, there is financial contribution offered for the entry fee. The club hosts championship of a distinct dinghy class every year. However, the biggest one is the Topper Championship. The previous competitions took place in 2007 and 2011. It is indeed an honor for the East Lothian Yacht Club to host such a big event this time.