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  1. Very interesting, i liked it a lot.
    My admiration goes to the people of ICON Yachts. They are nice and very
    talented persons !
    I hope they keep on making dreams come true during centuries !

  2. I really like this design of boat and if I ever had the sort of money to
    buy a Superyacht I think I might go for an Icon made one. On top of the
    design of the yacht, the interior decor in the yacht is basically modern
    and light, which is much better. American designs seem to go for dark wood
    everywhere, which I hate.
    Anyway, well done for the video. Enjoyed it.
    BTW, we need some subtitles for the Dutch bits. 

  3. Es fascinante,,,,,,La cantidad de personas que trabajan,,Para crear Mi
    hermano,trabaja en una empresa Española que venden Yates,,,,,,Y a el le
    encantara ,ver esto,,,,,

  4. WOW.. with all that money, technology, engineering and quacking about
    “efficiency” they wont even consider putting in a solar panel, a wind
    turbine or a hydro generator. I would love to see this run when oil runs

  5. Awesome documentary! It would be awesome to see some more behind the scenes
    of boating innovation and technology!

  6. This ain’t no documentary, just a slideshow on faster pace, everything is
    only surface scratched, no subs etc

  7. Good Video, at 13:17 and 16:50 they show the teak decking ! #yachting

  8. Good Video, at 13:17 and 16:50 they show the teak decking ! #yachting

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