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Sail America is an important arm of the U.S. sailing industry. It is the trade association that takes in its stride all the companies that are associated with sailing related services and products.

There are over 200 members in this trade association and the companies in this group represent all kinds of sailing industry segments. The association is working hard to improve the health of sailing in America.

There has been a chance in the top brass of the Sail America. Kattie Kelly has joined the Sail America top team as the association manager and her appointment is with immediate effect. She is the face and the voice of Sail America. She will be doing everything in her might to boost the activities of the trade association and to bring in more new members to this group. She is also given the charge to promote the Pacific Sail & Power Boat Show that takes place from 6th to 9th April.

She will also have to play a major role in ensuring that there is good participation in the Sail America Industry Conference that is scheduled to take place from May 31 to June 2, 2017. She also needs to take part in the organization of this semi-annual event and to make sure that it is a grand success.

The President of Sail America, Jim Abel, said that Katie has a very good background and knowledge of business and boating and this will be of great help in running Sail America. She is versatile and very much capable of running the Sail America show as she has vast experience in event management, regatta and sailing programs.

Katie has previously worked as Olympic Director at US sailing and focused on program management in competitive sailing and worked with sailors, board members, and the staff. She was all in all in the capacity of the Olympic Director of US Sailing and took care of everything from logistics to program funding and event management.