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When the Yacht Club of Hyderabad (YCOH) started in the year 2009, the founder of the club as well as the coach Suheim Sheikh had the dream to have children from amongst the neglected and marginalized community to access challenges of the sporting through Sailing. He wanted them to use the lessons they learnt here  and experiences to stand on their own two feet in the profession they chose when they grow up.

That life’s circle concluded recently as news of the Navy and Army selections surfaced with three sailors in the age  between 11 and 15 for recruitment. The three of them include Chakali Karthik and Santosh Banoth selected in Navy and John Yeroulu selected by the Army.

The three boys will join the Navy and Army Sailing teams in July and will qualify for direct entry to the forces after that. They will finish with their education at a Kendriya Vidyalaya where their training will take place that is at Bangalore, Army Boys Sports School in Bangalore and Goa at Naval Boy Sports School at INS Mandovi.

According to the Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO), Binod Kumar, as the Chief Coach of Navy our aim is to select 20 young sailors by the coming year. We picked up six sailors last year and this year we picked up one from Bhopal and two from Hyderabad. We picked two more from Hyderabad, but medically they were not fit. So, now we need another 11. To complete our search we will look for some good sailors at sailing clubs from across India. Once they are with us, they will be trained for the Olympics. And in four years, they will be ready for the same with the help of our training, he added.