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25 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Expensive Yacht in the World 2015”

  1. No man should be able to afford that kind of luxury but sadly there are
    many who can. World is badly constructed, these mogul parasites feed on
    rest of population, and the only good thing is they can’t take those
    precious items with them to other side.

  2. why do they need twice as much crew than guests ? even if ships get larger,
    you dont need that much people running them. you can run a huge container
    ship with 16 people or less.
    why so much crew ? wouldnt it be nicer to have some privacy and enjoy the
    sea ?

  3. I call BS on at least the last one. At the current price of gold, it’d cost
    £2,500,000,000 (£2.5 bil) for the gold alone. Now that’s 100,000x kilo
    priced at around £25,000 per kg. I suspect you may be able to get it a bit
    cheaper in bulk, so lets knock off say 5%, as really gold doesn’t
    fluctuate. that’s still £2.375bn. Not to mention platinum makes up for some
    of that gold cost, which is more expensive again. Now factor in the cost of
    meteorites and dinosaur bones, (the prices of which are unfortunately not
    so readily available, however I imagine in comparison, are surprisingly
    cheap) and then the cost of the god damn yacht and you’re probably looking
    at £3bn, which translated into dollars, is more. idk how much more, above
    the price quoted. Also in the picture I don’t see any gold, which when
    you’ve spent enough money to employ 100,000 people for a year on above
    average salary in the UK is quite a disappointment. Unless he just thought
    the crew needed their faces rubbed in it more and layed out all the crews
    quarters in solid gold, leaving him with the far more palatable – wood. 

  4. Yacht is cruising a long way from China and Chinese owner. I think it’s in
    South Pacific. All yachts going there now. Don’t know how many Chinese
    billionaires buying yachts, but Oceanco 92 is really impressive. #equanimity

  5. If you sold that last ship, you could raise a large army, attack a country,
    and use the spoils of that military blitz to fund further advances. Just
    be sure it’s not a country with oil or you might have opposition.

  6. The Octopus, owned by Paul Allen of Microsoft fame. It was purchased in
    2003 for $200 mil. It is currently the 5th largest super yacht not owned
    by a head of state.

  7. Wealthy Chinese entrepreneur – from main land has hand in Equanimity. Mega
    yacht captains taking about it. Equanimity would make a great boat for
    Russian owner. Chienese starting to buy good stuff. #equanimity

  8. How much do these men actually use these boats…especially now with gas
    prices sooo high?

  9. the numbr one yacht was a piece of shit….. looks just like a gold colerd
    speed boat

  10. I bet we have much more fun in our old wooden sailboat – and it has it’s
    own loo. ‘Don’t notice any lavs on any of these monstrocities.

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