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Sky’s Team Turn the Tide on Plastic is still hopeful of bettering their fortunes at the Volvo Ocean Race. The skipper Dee Carrari promised that the team would build on their experience from the first stage of the race ahead of their second sail.


The second stage is set for Cape Town, South Africa on November 5. Caffari hopes the team would at least better their seventh place finish in the first leg. Vestas 11th Hour Racing won the first leg whoch stretched from Alicante to Lisbon.

“We’ve learnt a lot and have got some good learning to take forward and I’m confident that the crew are going to make that happen,” she said.

The second leg is believed to be one of the longest and most difficult in the series of planned races for Caffari and her crew. She explained that the nice trade wind when they start off could change when they get to the tropics and then they could face no wind at all or light wind with big thunderstorms at the Doldrums. There is also the southern weather when they head south into Cape Town.

Despite all these and their poor start to the competition, Caffari remains confident that the team can still finish top in the second leg. She says they would battle it out with the other boats in the three weeks before the second stage while working on their tacticals.