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Oman Air settled for the third place in the Extreme Sailing Series Act that finished in the Madeira Islands recently.

The last day saw a lot of changes, twists and turns that are characteristic of this type of extreme sailing competition. The ultimate third place finish acquired by Oman Air was an achievement they managed as they fought fickle winds that have been a persistent feature of Act 3 in Madeira Islands.

The finals saw a committed performance by the team. The double point’s race saw them cross into the second position, ahead of Alinghi and SAP team, but the scoreboard brought their final score to the third position. The start of the competition was strong for the team and there was a Funchal wind that was stable at the end, more so as compared to the kind of wind conditions they faced on previous days. That day saw a single race being held when the Oman Air was not able to add much to their tally. The third position they obtained in Act 3 in the waters of Madeira Islands has matched the results they obtained in the previous two Acts held in Qingdao and Muscat.

They now hold a third overall position in the Extreme Sailing Series this year till now while the SAP team is in second position, led by Alinghi overall.

The Oman crew is a resilient team comprising of Phil Robertson in the helm and as skipper while Nasser Al Mashari is the bowman and Pete Greenhalgh is the tactician. The other regular team members will now regroup on July 20th before the next Act starts. This is less than three weeks away and will be held in Barcelona waters. Greenhalgh has enough experience to know what is expected from the competition. He states that the final day was a tricky one which did not unfold the way they expected it to. They would continue to aim for second position overall if not the first.