Photographer sails through the most dangerous sea in the world, reports

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A fearless photographer has sailed to Antarctica to click the beauty and the wilderness of the remote Continent. Italian photographer Massimo Rumi clicked the snaps of penguins, icebergs as well as the remote polar landscape during a 3 week yachting expedition at the end of 2015.
Speaking to a leading English daily, he told that Antarctica completely switched off the noise in his mind and he could feel each moment with drowning intensity. The photographer fulfilled his lifelong dream by traveling Antarctica on the 9-man, fifty feet sailing yacht.
He stated that he had been to over hundred nations, but what he was really missing was a remote and unexplored experience – a place where one can explore a real isolation, a place where all the things are untouched and different from all other places. This is when he thought of Antarctica. He got engaged into some research, looking for something different than the huge cruise-ships where you can find yourself with hundreds of people and you do not have much flexibility as well as freedom of movement.

After that he was able to find a photographer who was arranging a photo tour on board a little sailing yacht for just 9 people, including the crew. Mr Rumi was the only passenger who dealt to avert motion sickness during the crossing of Drake Passage – deemed as ‘the world’s most dangerous sea’.
Mr Rumi said that each day was just beautiful. The mindfulness he has experienced in Antarctica was nothing like any other tour in his life. He believes that their mind is not set for what you see there. It has a way of altering you. This is a spot of magnificent and teeming wildlife.